Book 21:
Linear LED module with socket

Book 21 defines a cost-effective mechanical and electrical interface for toolless replaceable linear LED modules, enabling plug and play interoperability and supporting #circular economy.
These LED modules are rectangular shaped (up to 5ft) and will be used in both indoor and outdoor lighting applications.
These modules feature an interface that serves for electrical connection and mechanical fixation.


Additionally, Book 21 specifies LED board areas that can be used by luminaire OEMs to mechanically secure long LED module(s) in luminaires, for example with clamps.
The linear LED modules are foreseen to be installed or replaced by electricians, facility managers or other qualified persons.


To avoid one or more discrete connectors soldered on the LED module, the Zhaga Book 21 specifies contact pads on the LED module that serve for an electrically safe connection between the LED module and a LED driver in the luminaire. By defining contact pads on the reverse side of the LED module, also seamless lighting lines can be supported as the connector does not cause dark areas at the LED module’s ends.


Work in progress